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Dan Dinsmore

Dan Dinsmore got his start at the age of 12 when his Mom replaced the couch and other furniture he would wail on with an actual drum set. Using his NY Yankees trash pail as a drum throne, he got to work becoming one of the east coasts premiere drummers.

At the age of sixteen he met Chris Wyse and the two got to work making music. Practicing every day and pushing each other to their limits, they developed their skills and impressed each other. Shortly thereafter, East Wall was formed, a band that included both Dinsmore and Wyse. They played gigs and toured for a few years until Wyse moved to LA and Dinsmore joined The Clay People.

The Clay People saw success with a self titled album released in 1998 through various movie soundtracks and a single off the album, “Awake,” which hit number one on the metal charts. The band went on hiatus around 2001 and Dinsmore kept on playing. During the following years he recorded with acclaimed producer Mike Clink (Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue) on various projects and played a variety of national gigs but still kept searching for that certain style that he fit.

Working with East Wall, The Clay People, Mike Clink, and Neil Kernon (producer for The Clay People), along with a host of others, has helped shape Dinsmore into an emotional drummer who delivers hard-hitting rhythms that pound as well as easing up where need be for the most impact during a performance.

Chris Wyse
Chris Wyse
Lead Vocals + Bass