By Bonnie Burton

Owl guitarist Jason Achilles Mezilis, may be based in Los Angeles, but his heart clearly belongs to Skywalker Ranch in Marin. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, Mezilis not only knows his trivia, but he once played guitar dressed as a Tusken Raider. chats with Mezilis about his favorite LEGO Star Wars collectibles, how the music of Star Wars affected him and why he’ll never like Ewoks, even if they eat people.

What is your first Star Wars memory?

“I remember going to Return of the Jedi at the theater with my mom. I had never seen a line go around a theater like a rock concert. As we watched in the audience, the scene where they blow up Jabba’s barge came on everyone started cheering and clapping. I’d never experienced anything like that in the theater before where people cheered at what was happening on the screen. That was my first strong impression of the film. Though I also remember burying my Chewbacca action figure in the sandbox”